Seed Feed Weed Implementation

The Seed Stage

Adding a competitive exclusion or Probiotic product
  1. Ideally applied early in the birds life in the hatchery.
  2. Competitive exclusion is very good, but expensive compared to probiotics
  3. Probiotics must be the correct bacteria / bacterial mix and from poultry origin
  4. The Probiotic can be supplied by St Davids Poultry Team or your own vet.
  5. The use of probiotics needs to be fully discussed with your farm vet to
    ensure there is no conflict with other farm diseases or preventative measures.
If using starter medication the best option is to recolonise the gut post treatment using a Lactobacillus mix of bacteria.
  1. Use TLH Lactobaccilus after 24 hours of clean water.
  2. Dose for 2-3 hours per day for 5 days.
  3. Use dose rate of 100g TLH / 1000 litres water.
  4. Turn off chlorine pump 1 hour before use.
  5. Turn chlorine pump back on after TLH.

The Feed Stage

Add the SFW Acids manufactured by LMS Ltd.
  1. Initially provide LMS with water sample.
  2. LMS will then quote for installation costs.
  3. Always monitor the pH and ORP on a daily basis with LMS.

The Weed Stage

Add SFW Powertract by Alltech.
  1. A step down rate is used to achieve the correct dose rate according to age.
    • Starter - 1,000g/T
    • Grower - 0,750g/T
    • Finisher / Withdrawal - 0,500g/T
  2. Supplied directly to you or your feed mill / premix company.
In all cases remember that SFW will help the development of the gut flora and dissuade the pathogenic alkaline bacteria from multiplying in the gut. It cannot control other diseases and you must always discuss the implementation of SFW with your farm veterinary surgeons to ensure there is no conflict with farm preventative policy. St Davids Poultry Team Ltd provide LMS ltd with veterinary consultancy and are willing to discuss with your farm vet the implementation of SFW. You do not need to be a client of St Davids to use SFW.
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