Professor Steve Collett

About Seed Feed Weed

Professor Steve Collett, who for many years has
carried out extensive work in the gut flora of
chickens at his research base of Georgia State
University, has now teamed up with Alltech,
St David’s Poultry Team and Liquid Mineral
Service (LMS) to devise a new system called
Seed Feed Weed (SFW).

The first stage of SFW is to Seed the intestine with
the correct poultry derived commensal bacteria

The SFW system supplies a unique mixture of short
chain fatty acids and chlorination to clean drinker
lines and feed the commensal bacteria in the gut.
SFW Acid also cleans the drinker lines and helps
to reduce the numbers of alkaline loving bacteria
in the lower intestine. Many farms have reported
large improvements in water quality following the
use of SFW, and in some cases farms have been
able to return to using bore hole water due to
better water quality.

At the same time we Feed a mixture of products to
reduce bacterial adhesion to the gut wall and
reduce colonization ( WEED)

SFW is therefore a complete system to improve
gut health, reduce antibiotic usage and improve
litter, bird welfare and foot pad downgrades.

What results can you expect?

  1. Enhanced gut heath, therefore drier litter
  2. Improved weights and FCR
  3. Improved footpad integrity

The SFW Solution

  1. A three pump system with mixing vessel controlled by central processor unit which is set to the water quality on the farm.
  2. A bespoke SFW acid mix for continual use through Pump 1 (other than at vaccination times).
  3. A chlorine donor mix through Pump 2 into the main line.
  4. A third pump to deliver additive products as required such as vitamin d, anti-inflammatories Probiotics etc.
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